COWBOY SIX-GUN TWIRLING is a true AMERICAN Heritage.  It began in the Old West and gained fame in Hollywood.  I hope my exhibition does just a little to help preserve this GREAT LEGACY.  It's a salute to the Old West and to the Silver-Screen Cowboy Heroes who made it happen. 

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    You come and see my show!  I have many fancy six-gun twirling tricks and secrets never seen on film. I promise you won't be disappointed! 

"The Great Roy Rogers"  
"I was very moved and honored to perform personal exhibitions for Dale Evans and Roy Rogers Jr. In one of many conversations with Dusty ( Roy Rogers Jr.), who is also a legend with his great cowboy singing and his famous High Riders western band, he related this piece of western history I will never forget: He told me how he had watched his dad many times practice six-gun twirling by placing mattresses on the ground around him. To those of us who enjoy the art of cowboy twirling, this is something to remember and I'm honored that Dusty shared it with me. Roy worked for perfection in everything he attempted and six-gun twirling was no exception."

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- Bob Hamm


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