"Fast and Flashy Cowboy Fun"
performed by seven time World and
National Champion Bob Hamm,
"Award Winning Fancy Sixgun Twirler"

Fast and flashy twirling maneuvers by World Champion Bob Hamm presents audiences with an exciting version of "Cowboy Fun" they will remember for a lifetime. His world's largest array of traditional and modern original spin maneuvers appeal to all ages as he performs at a skill level surpassing the fancy twirling moves of the all-time great silver screen cowboy legends. Maneuvers so difficult that viewers are amazed as they realize they are witnessing highly unique hand to eye coordinated dexterity and control achieved only by a select number of gifted athletes and performers throughout history. Maneuvers which seem virtually impossible - an absolutely true example of the phrase "You must see it to believe it." Audiences are delighted with the opportunity to witness one of the world's best, perform exclusively for them! Bob's recognition as one of the world's top fancy sixgun twirlers is reflected by his World Championship achievements and exciting "cowboy appeal," accomplished by winning the World Gunspinning Championships in Deadwood, South Dakota and Buffalo Bill Championship in Cody, Wyoming, and performing his exhibitions for "The Great Western World's Largest Collector's Show" - Los Angeles; S.A.S.S. National Cowboy Action Championships, Norco; Rodeo Days "tribute to Roy Rogers" - Sheridan, Wyoming; "Trails West" western arts festival - St. Joseph, Missouri; USPSA Masters World Championships - Pasa Park Range, Illinois; "Niagra Frontiers" military and old west show - Buffalo, New York; as well as public and private exhibitions at numerous fairs, festivals, club events, sports shows, promotions and corporate events throughout the nation.
Bob's exhibitions are also highly adaptable to many advertising and promotional situations, providing a rare opportunity to offer clients a legitimate world champion, recognized as a top skilled performer in his field, offering one of the top cowboy acts in existence. Exhibitions are performed indoors or out, on or off stage depending upon the situation. Special on stage performance routines choreographed to Western music are highly appealing to large audiences and available upon request.
All exhibitions are performed in full cowboy regalia using antique western-style silver-plated revolvers weighing approximately 2 1/2 pounds each. They are non-firing, totally deactivated and plugged stage prop pistols rendered absolutely safe for public staging. The exhibitions are highly adaptable to all situations and can be modified as necessary to fit your needs. Very reasonable pricing. Promotional video available upon request.

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