Your community deserves the best! Give them something new, unique and fun. Here are 10 FUNtastic reasons why Bob's show is a fair favorite for you.
7-time World & National Champion Bob Hamm amazes audiences at county and state fairs, festivals and special events (large and small) throughout the U.S.A.
A respected family treat appreciated by Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms, Dads and kids of all ages.
With low-budget pricing and spectacular all day performances your fairgoers will "remember for a lifetime,"
Including more than 150 dazzling cowboy twirling tricks,
And many unique, exciting cowboy balancing and juggling feats.
Presenting an outstanding series of amazing world-class cowboy twirling maneuvers, surpassing even the highest skill level of most movie, T.V. and circus entertainers.
Considered by many old west arts enthusiasts to be the ultimate in quality cowboy entertainment.
Endorsed by awards, championships and credits from major western events across the country, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Deadwood-South Dakota, Cody-Wyoming, Niagra-New York and many more towns and cities in 23 states.
All day crowd-pleasing performances include a fascinating walk-around grounds attraction and/or on-stage as needed.
Bob is also on-call at your fair for side events: a popular fill-in performance at tractor pulls, rodeos, demo-derby's, 4-H activities, horse shows, livestock events, senior citizen days, kids days and others. Also available for M.C. of special events and P.A. announcer assignments as needed - all for one multiple-day low price.


Timberlake Ranch